About Us

Interfaith Australia began in 2007 as a way to increase awareness of the commonalities between religious beliefs and to promote respectful interfaith dialogue. In 2011, Interfaith Australia was dissolved and reborn as the Interfaith Church of Australia.

As with our earlier incarnation, one of the main roles of the Church is to promote religious acceptance and provide current information about the Interfaith movement and faith systems to the Australian community and beyond our borders.

Australia is a primarily Anglicised country in the Southern Hemisphere. Sixty four percent of the population profess to follow one version or another of an Abrahamic faith system. A further eighteen percent profess 'no religion'. There are over one hundred 'religious affiliations' reported on the Australian Census (2006 Census Statistics).

Despite the large majority of Christian affiliates here, Australia truly is a multicultural society. Years of subsidised migration, gold rushes, colonisation and the penal colonies of early settlement have ensured that Australia received migrants from all over the world. Our high quality of life ensures that a steady flow of diverse people continue to come to our shores, to join with our current community, and to quickly learn that Australia is somewhere almost anyone can call home.

The constant influx ensures that a range of faith systems are practiced here. These faith systems (coupled with the indigenous faith systems) are becoming more accepted as people become accustomed to international travel and trade.