Interfaith is defined as "Of, relating to, or involving persons of different religious faiths".

Interfaith has a very long history and can mean different things to different people. Many religions are very open to Interfaith beliefs simply because their religion has never required belief in a single path to an understanding of the divine. Most polytheistic faiths fall into this category. The early Roman Empire (for instance) had a policy of religious inclusivity. They either aligned a conquered nations Gods with their own where there were similarities, or they accepted the native religion as it was. In this way Zeus and Jupiter became synonymous and were seen as the same deity as Amun-Ra.

Most people and groups that currently have an idea of Interfaith seem to feel that Interfaith means promoting or encouraging religious tolerance. Here at IC, we believe tolerance is not enough!

As can be seen in our Canons of Conduct, our members, our clergy and our affiliates agree that IC's concept of Interfaith must be to promote religious acceptance. This idea of religious pluralism is one of the main tenets that our Church is built upon and something we will be working hard to encourage in all the people we interact with, both personally and as a Religious Institution.