Mens Inter-Religious Talk & Health (MIRTH)

This is an ongoing event.
Future events are:

Date: Sat. 7 Jul. 2012 Time: 2pm to 4pm Location: Club Hotel Waterford
Date: Fri. 27 Jul. 2012 Time: 5pm to 7pm Location: Club Hotel Waterford
Date: Sat. 1 Sep. 2012 Time: 2pm to 4pm Location: Club Hotel Waterford
Date: Sat. 17 Nov. 2012 Time: 2pm to 4pm Location: Club Hotel Waterford
~ Normal location will be near the pool table ~

Please RSVP via our facebook events psge.

This is essentially a social group. There is no set format, no specific topics of discussion and no leader per se.
This is a group where it is ok to raise any issues you may have or you may perceive in others, to seek the advice and opinions of others, or to offer your advice and opinions where you feel you have something to offer.
Conversations may form personally or in groups.

Please accept our diversity and show respect for each other and for differing views.

Some topics that may come up include (but are not limited to):

Current interests include (but are not limited to):

It is not our aim to talk about things that are commonplace amongst mens discussion groups, so if you decide to come along, please limit your talk about things such as recent events in local football or the last F1 race results.

The only requirements are that

Men have a tendency to bottle things up, to keep quiet and not to discuss the difficult issues in their lives. It is for this reason that more men suffer depression and commit suicide than women. Those that don't get to this stage often still suffer because of our latent ability to isolate ourselves. For men to feel comfortable to raise many of these issues it is important to show trust and respect to each other and that is expected of each person that comes along.

This group will continue only if attendance indicates an ongoing need or want for it to do so. If you wish to attend an event like this, but cannot due to work or family commitments please contact the organiser and suggest times and days that would be suitable for you. Future dates will be organised based on the ability of people to attend at a given time and/or location.

For anyone interested in a game of pool, BYO cue as the pub cues are mediocre at best. Table quality is also a bit average, but you should be able to scare up a fair game. There is also a computer game called Deer Hunter and an XBox set up for adult use with 10-pin bowling etc. installed.

Disclaimer: Any advice offered is not to be considered as sound psychological advice. We are just men sharing issues important to men, sharing our own life experiences and our own ideas of how we have or would wish to act in any given situation. It is up to each individual to decide if he needs professional counselling. The organisers of this event accept no liability for the actions of its members at any time.

This group is an initiative of the Interfaith Church of Australia.