Study Circle - Interfaith Communion

Note: Study Circle ceased to operate at the end of 2020.

'Study Circle - Interfaith Communion' had been operating for well over a decade.

In early 2008, Peter became the senior moderator.

Since that time, evangelical discussion has been discouraged and the groups focus changed back to its original ideas, those of respectful discussion about faith systems and beliefs.

Study Circle has become a haven for those interested in religious and faith based discussions. It is a place to explore your own spirituality and to learn about the beliefs of others.

The current moderators come from varied beliefs and ensure that Study Circle remains a safe and comfortable place to discuss religious beliefs regardless of what those beliefs may be. Atheists, agnostics, polytheists and monotheists are all welcome as are the adherents of all belief systems so long as they respect the basic rules of the group. In precis, these are; evangelism is not permitted; civil discussion only; be respectful of all beliefs; be respectful of all members; respect copyright laws; respect basic standards of 'nettiquette'.

If you are interested in finding out more, please click on the Study Circle logo above.