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A discussion on Interfaith -
New directions for the Interfaith Church of Australia

Date: Sunday, May 20, 2012
Time: 3.30-5.30pm
Location: Jagera Arts Centre, 121 Cordelia St, South Brisbane.

The first public meeting of the Interfaith Church of Australia will be held in the Main Hall of 'Jagera Arts Centre'. All welcome. The location is 800m by foot from the South Brisbane Railway Station and next door to Brisbane State High School with ample public transport options available. Limited parking is available on site, more information about the site and transport options are below.

This meeting will discuss the Church's concept of Interfaith and where members and the community perceive the Church should go to have the greatest support and impact in SEQld.

We will work our way through how the Church came into creation and how it currently views Interfaith. During this period a revision of how we approach this subject and how we present and interact with the community is open to discussion.

Rev. Peter Brabyn will discuss his views on Interfaith as a possible religious choice and how he sees the deities of all religions as being dressed in the cultural clothing of each faith, but essentially the same at the core. The catchphrase 'All Gods are One God' and the 'Diamond Logo' come from this philosophy.

Following will be an open discussion on Interfaith and the future role of the Church.

At this stage, we have no greater format than this. If you feel something should be added, modified or otherwise changed, feel free to contact us.

If this event looks like it will run beyond the two hour hall booking we will relocate to the grounds or to Musgrave Park around 5.30pm.

Light refreshments will be available. All proceeds will go to the Church.

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